What we do

  • Providing innovative, high performance and cost effective engineering solutions based on proven technology to common problems faced by the Malaysian road industry – cracks, ruts, potholes, deformation.

  • Mix and supply Fiber Reinforced Asphalt Concrete (FRAC) /Super Fiber Mix (SFM), AHNTECH-VTX ALL-Weather Cold Mix Asphalt, Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC); far more superior products than conventional technology.

  • Fibers are mixed with the conventional asphalt at
    reputable and client-approved asphalt premix
    batch plants to produce the FRAC/SFM.

  • Our macro synthetic and fibrillated virgin polymer
    are designed to replace steel reinforcement for
    non-structural concrete applications.

  • An all-weather pothole patching material reinforced with
    fibers, engineered to deliver high performance
    repair work, in both wet and dry conditions.

  • Performs better while being cheaper than other
    known premium products.

We provide the highest levels of performance and value to challenging projects.
Our services include:

Testing and analysis

Pavement design

Project consultation

Technical support

Project planning

Job-site and mixing plant consultation and supervsion

Core Values


Highest standards of delivery


Our foundation for sustainability


Products and services that are proven and tested


We pledge the highest level of focus and dedication

Who we are

  • With the purpose of providing innovative solutions based on high technology, serving niche markets, we are a team of multinational professionals from diverse industries and background. Blended together with young, energetic, aspiring engineers and executives are senior professionals with collective experience exceeding 150 years. 


  • Capable, competent, resourceful and equipped to be dynamic and responsive to client’s needs and requirements.


  • We go to great lengths to source worldwide for the most advanced and innovative products and technology to serve as the base for our unique solutions and value propositions.


  • Working with local and foreign partners with outstanding and extensive track records, willing to provide highest quality products and know-how transfer to Malaysia exclusively through AHN VERTEX SDN BHD 

Dato Ir. Zulakmal Sufian


Norhayati Mohd Noor

Chief Finance Officer

Abdul Hamid Othman

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Abdul Razak Abdul Latip

Technical Director

Abdul Jalil Ahmad

Corporate and R&D

Abdul Hafiz Abdul Hamid

Operation & Project Manager

Nur Khalisa Abdul Hamid

Accounts & Finance

Abdul Alim Abdul Hamid

Warehouse & Logistic

Syafiq Affendy Shamsulakmar

Corporate Communication

Ahmad Zaim Omar

Warehouse & Logistic

Muhammad Syafiq Jalaudin

Project Engineer

Adlin Khalil

Design Engineer

Muhammad Azim Abdul Rahman

Project Engineer

Aina Nadhirah Salahuddin

R&D Engineer