Special Fiber Mix (SFM)

  • Proven technology since 1982 with extensive track record across the globe in 52 countries
  • Tested and recognised by independent bodies.



Aramid fibers used are a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers.

Aramid fibers used are a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers.

  • It is the same fibers used for the application of:
  • Aerospace
  • Military – ballistic-rated body armor fabric and ballistic composites
  • Marine – Cordage & hull reinforcement
  • Construction – Asphalt concrete, asbestos substitute

Designed For Hot Mix, Warm Mix, And Hot/Cold Patch Asphalt

FORTA-FI® is a high tensile strength synthetic fiber blend formulated to reinforce asphalt mixes in both new construction or rehab projects. The mix of aramid and polyolefin fibers is designed to enhance your current mix design. Aramid fibers will not melt in the asphalt mix and are known for their strength and durability in both high and low temperatures.

FORTA-FI can provide initial cost savings through reduced pavement layer thickness while delivering the same durability as conventional mixes OR the ability to reduce the overall life-cycle costs by extending pavement life (when placed at a conventional pavement thickness).



  • Designed for all working temperatures
  • Mix in batch or drum plants
  • Feeds easily
  • Distributes uniformly and completely
  • Improves tensile strength, resilient modulus, Marshall Stability, Flow, among other properties


 Initial cost savings through reduced pavement layer thickness while delivering the same durability as conventional mixes
Ability to extend pavement life by up to 50% by reducing raveling, rutting, thermal, reflective, and fatigue cracking


While we have known for years that adding reinforcing fibers to asphalt would substantially increase the life of that asphalt, it was very difficult to quantify the years and calculate that value for our customers. Recent research has provided more detail about the benefits provided by FORTA-FI. Case studies developed by Arizona State University utilizing pavement design software [Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG)] detail the cost savings involved in reinforcing asphalt pavement using FORTA-FI. This research program also determines that the longevity increase would be 50% or more, beyond the same thickness of traditional asphalt.